We make you, your client or product look good and communicate effectively.

Case Studies

Below you will find a list of successful projects we have executed in the past.

Corporate Videos

The numerous corporate videos we have done, whether for internal communication, sales or company promotion have one thing in common, they all focus on getting your communication across to your employees or clients effectively and introducing and maintaining your brand image visually.

Social Media Content

Our Social Media Content portfolio includes work that has been used to promote larger projects, brands or personalities successfully in the media and entertainment industry.


An advert has one purpose to communicate your sales offering successfully while making your brand desirable and ensuring the viewer’s interest towards participating in that offer is increased and actioned. Our range of client in this field is vast and most often once they have done one advert they become repeat clients.

Music Videos

Over 400 Music videos are in our archives with successfully executed award winning pieces from across Africa. We make impressionable, thematic and communicating videos that grow your audience.

Live Performances

There’s nothing like music and the effect it has on the individual and groups. We have executed numerous live performance videos that live online and have been broadcast on various channels. The performance always highlights the artists look, feel and message as well as keeping the audience engaged while they enjoy the live performance on the day.

TV Shows

Long format television shows build a brand over time consisting of the show, the channel and the personalities present in the episodes. Our focus here is to make sure that the content is engaging, edgy and entertaining, keeping your show top of mind.

Event Videos

Event videos have 2 purposes, first it is to show how great your event was and the exciting experience that attendees had, whether to internal viewers, clients or the public at larger. Secondly we generate the FOMO needed to make sure your next event is an even bigger success.

Explainer Videos

Each product has some form of education that goes with using it. We use a combination of graphics, video and voice to make sure everybody understands your product and uses it successfully.

VFX & Animation

Some if not all of our videos contain some form of VFX and animation. This is an important element to make any brand, show or message come alive successfully. Making the impossible real or enhancing the already impressive footage that is available is our expertise.

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