We do many things and rates constantly vary across the variables that we deal with, but below you will find a
guideline to the services that we deliver.
  • Packaged Music Videos (Incl. Post Production)
          This depends largely on concept and execution but the below is a fair bracket.
          (R50 000 to R300 000)
          ($5000 - $30 000)
  • Corporate Videos
          Depending on how long production takes this one may vary, but a good three day shoot and five day edit
          normally does the job.

          (R60 000 to R250 000)
          ($6000 to $25 000)
  • Events Videos
          A one night event video including post production.

          (R15 000)
  • Commercials
          (Price on Request only)
  • Broadcast Graphics & Title Sequences
          Need something to make your TV show stand out?

          (R30 000 to R80 000)
          ($3000 to $8000)
  • Tv Shows (13 x 24min episodes)
          This includes pre production, production and post production.

          (R1,2m to R5m)
          ($100 000 to $500 000)

The above guidelines should give you an idea of the brackets we operate within in order to deliver a great
quality product to you. For line item prices or any other more specific services please CONTACT us...