Our creative process is a simple yet effective one which ensures work or product is not unnecessarily
duplicated across various deliverables. Ensuring that what you get is always relevant and different.

Our process runs as follows:
  • Client Consultation (Creative & Budget)
          We meet with you on a physical or digital level to determine your creative and budgetary
          expectations as well as collect "the pictures" you have in your mind of the final product.
  • References
          We scour the office and the internet and the real world for references, locations, wardrobe &
          stylistic elements whether they are lighting prop or extra based to make your vision come to life.
  • Creative Treatment
          We compile all our findings into a simple yet explanatory document that outlines how your product
          is to be treated and what the final outcome will be.
  • Client consultation
          We send you all our findings and ground work along with a budget for feedback and final tweaks.
  • Creative and Financial Sign-Off
          You sign-off the creative treatment and budget, throw some money at us for motivational purposes.
  • Pre Production
          We get to work preparing everything for the shoot day or days.
  • Production
          We shoot and collect all the raw data necessary to make your goal come to life.
  • Post Production
          We cut all the raw data to give you all the pretty and desirable pictures that will
          broadcast your message and make you look good.
  • Client Consultation
          This is when you get to see the content we have produced for you and deliver your feedback or any
          additions you would like.
  • Delivery
          We deliver the content to you, the broadcast platforms and the masses in anticipation of a great response.